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Title: Earthbound
Author: D M Arnold
Description: A time-warp victim falls in love with a distant ancestor and jeopardises his own existence.

Title: Lakes Of Stars
Author: Edwin Hopper
Description: According to the author's website, Lake Of Stars started as several bad short stories about the MOD before taking a number of twists.

Title: The Undeniable Labyrinth
Author: AA Roi
Description: Galactic traveler Althea Ram has found herself trapped on the post-apocalyptic world of Makan. She must overcome the suspicious and violent remaining inhabitants and the world spanning A.I. that stand between her and escape. But the greatest threat to her survival may come from within herself.

Title: The War Of The Worlds
Author: HG Wells
Description: First published in its entirety in 1898, The War Of the Worlds by HG Wells describes the experiences of an unnamed narrator who travels through the suburbs of London as England is invaded by Martians.

Title: Transplant
Author: David Moreton
Just before the holocaust began, a group of wealthy and reasonably sane individuals decided save some small remnant of humankind. A small group of near genetically perfect people would be sent to another star system, and so Project Transplant began.

Title: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
Author: Jules Verne
Description: A classic science-fiction novel by French writer Jules Verne. Published in 1869, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea tells the story of Captain Nemo and his submarine Nautilus as seen from the perspective of Professor Pierre Aronnax.

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