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Free Short Stories Books (Fiction)

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Title: Al Gundy And The Salt
Author: Josh Robert Nay
Description: A western short story. Al Gundy is a man who can't seem to find the motivation he needs to accept the position of town sheriff even though he is perfect for the job.

Title: An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge
Author: Ambrose Bierce
Description: Originally published in 1890, An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge is famous for its irregular time sequence and twist ending.

Title: Chaser's Quest
Author: Josh Robert Nay
Description: Science fiction. Based in the far future, hundreds of years after an alien race known as the Prangers nearly wiped out humanity. The last surviving crew of the final battle with the Prangers sets for home after being stranded in deep space.

Title: Feathers and Cigarettes
Author: Andrew Lloyd-Jones
Description: Winner of the 2003 'Feathers and Cigarettes and Other Stories'.

Title: Five Dollar Angel
Author: Josh Robert Nay
Description: An inspirational short story about a young boy's desperate search for hope for his family, and the discovery of that hope from a very unlikely source.

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