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Free History Books (Other)

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Title: Bahrain: Country Studies
Author: Helen Chapin Metz
Description: The Gulf has served as a major facilitator of trade and culture. The ancient civilization of Dilmun, for example, in present-day Bahrain existed as early as the fourth millennium B.C.

Title: Indian Ocean: Five Island Countries
Author: Helen Chapin Metz
Description: A vast region, the Indian Ocean encompasses an area of about 73.4 million square kilometers, or roughly 14% of the earth's surface.

Title: Vietnam: Why Did We Go?
Author: Avro Manhattan
Description: The political and military origin of the war of Vietnam has been described with millions of written and spoken words. Yet, nothing has been said about one of the most significant forces which contributed to its promotion, namely, the role played by religion, which in this case, means the part played by the Catholic Church, and by her diplomatic counterpart, the Vatican.

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