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Papa John's Pizza - Order online with PayPalWe love pizza and we order loads of them online - usually from Papa John's and being able to pay for our pizza online using PayPal somehow makes things just that bit more fun. There's little we can think of that's more enjoyable than ordering a pizza online, from the comfort of your chair (or even your bed!) and then waiting for it to arrive so you can pig out on far too many slices of pizza, garlic bread and chicken nuggets - with dips, of course! If you're feeling particularly greedy you might even finish off with some nommy ice cream.

Millions of pizza lovers worldwide rate Papa John's as the world's best pizza delivery company. Papa John's slogan of 'Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.' is made up of more than just marketing spiel. Only 100% fresh dough will be used to make your delicious pizza. Papa John's has been delivering hot and fresh pizza now since 1984 so they've had plenty of time to get things just right and now have more than 4000 restaurants worldwide, so it seems their customers agree!

Ordering your food online from Papa John's is a breeze. The menu is easy to follow, broken down into Pizza, Sides, Desserts, Drinks, Subs and Deals. In the United Kingdom, Papa John's has an average delivery time of just 24 minutes!

Order online - Papa John's Pizza

Discount offer: watch this space for discount offers - we publish them when available.

Papa John's reckon us their 'mission' is to be "the best pizza delivery company in the world" (currentlu sitting in third place in terms of size) and they have a refreshingly casual attitude towards this mission. They say their culture is best summed up in a chant that's sung in their stores: "Sell More Pizza, Have More Fun!". We're not sure if this has ever actually happened in a Papa John's store but we're happy to suspend our disbelief.

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