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Title: Elizabeth And Her German Garden
Author: Elizabeth von Arnim
Description: Elizabeth is best known to modern readers by the name "Elizabeth von Arnim", author of "The Enchanted April" which was recently made into a successful film by the same title. Another of her books, "Mr. Skeffington" was also once made into a film starring Bette Davis, circa 1940.

Title: Faraday As A Discoverer
Author: John Tyndall
Description: This free online book is a fascinating biography of the man who helped usher in the modern world by discovering the secrets of electricity.

Title: George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography
Author: Webster Griffin Tarpley
Description: The thesis of this book is simple: if George Bush had been re-elected in November 1992 for a second term as the president of the United States, the USA and the rest of the world could have faced a catastrophe of gigantic proportions.

Title: Long Walk To Freedom
Author: Nelson Mandela
Description: Nelson Mandela's Long Walk To Freedom began as scraps of paper, buried under the floor of his prison cell. He was incarcerated in South Africa for more than a quarter of a century, part of that time in the prison of Robben Island, about which he writes.

Title: Reconciliation Road
Author: John Douglas Marshall
Description: A Vietnam-era conscientious objector examines the tarnished reputation of his grandfather, a famous military historian.

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