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Title: A Lady's Life In The Rocky Mountains
Author: Isabella Bird
Description: In 1873 Isabella Bird embarked on a trip through 800 miles of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, on horseback, alone. In a series of letters originally written to her sister back home in England, Bird gives us a detailed account of her travels.

Title: Dominion Of The Air
Author: John Bacon
Description: The story of aerial navigation. Read this book free online.

Title: Letters From England
Author: Elizabeth Bancroft
Description: Elizabeth Bancroft was the wife of George Bancroft, the American historian and statesman. In 1846 he was sent as Minister Plenipotentiary to London. Letters from England contains extracts from the author's letters home during their time in England.

Title: The Goldern Chersonese And The Way Thither
Author: Isabella Bird
Description: In the last two decades of the nineteenth century, Isabella Bird, by then an established travel writer, was still able to refer to the Malay Peninsula as an almost unknown land.

Title: Unbeaten Tracks In Japan
Author: Isabella Bird
Description: Fascinating book on travels in Japan in the 1870's.

Title: Voyage Of The Paper Canoe
Author: Nathaniel Bishop
Description: A geographical journey journey of 2500 miles from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico.

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