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Title: 32 Keys
Author: Ken McIsaac
Description: Collection of phrases and proverbs for everyday life and problems.

Title: A New Look At An Old Earth
Author: Donald Stoner
Description: Resolving the conflict between the Bible and science. If the God who created the universe also inspired the words of the Bible, there can be no contradictions between the two. This insightful look at our incredible universe examines the facts of nature and how they compliment biblically sound interpretations of the creation account.

Title: An Introduction To The Philosophy Of Yoga
Author: Swami Krishnananda
Description: Are we here to study some subject with which we are not acquainted up to this time? It may be yoga.

Title: How Near Armageddon
Author: Elana Janson
Description: This free book will indicate through a correlation of what is said in Revelation with the history of the past two thousand years, that the history of the Christian nations was predestined.

Title: Inner Medicine
Author: James Barton
Description: Revolutionary character improvement. Innovations in virtue development.

Title: Mormon Claims Answered
Author: Marvin Cowan
Description: The title of this book, Mormon Claims Answered, sums up its message and its purpose. Since its inception, Mormonism has claimed that all other churches are universally apostate (heretical) and that the LDS church alone is the "only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth". The purpose of this book is not to attack, ridicule or persecute Mormons but rather to argue that LDS claims against historic Christianity are flawed.

Title: Pilgrimage Through The Watchtower
Author: Kevin R Quick
Description: First published in 1989, Pilgrimage Through the Watchtower is the author's personal story of why he became involved with Jehovah's Witnesses, what life was like for the author during his seven year involvement before leaving the religion.

Title: Prodigal Press: The Anti-Christian Bias Of The American News Media
Author: Marvin Olasky
Description: In this book, the author examines the influence of worldviews on reporting, analysing the meanings of objectivity, sensationalism, crusading, and the impact of legal, ethical and technological changes.

Title: Telling The Truth: How To Revitalize Christian Journalism
Author: Marvin Olasky
Description: There is great opportunity for those who have that faith and are willing to move beyond the conventional journalistic practices of this secular century. This book is written so much with such pioneers in mind.

Title: The Changing World Of Mormonism
Author: Jerald Turner
Description: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with its smooth public relations presentation and its well-veneered appearance, would hardly lead one to expect to find lurking beneath the surface teachings and actions that would shock the average Mormon if he knew them.

Title: The Slacker's Guide to Stream-Entry
Author: Derek Cameron
Description: A journey across British Columbia provides the backdrop for an exploration of Christian Meditation.

Title: Yoga And Relaxation
Author: Tony Crisp
Description: A free online book that covers all major aspects of yoga in a compact form.

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