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Free Great Britain and Ireland History Books

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Title: A Child's History Of England
Author: Charles Dickens
Description: Dickens published A Child's History Of England in book form in three volumes: the first volume on December 20, 1851. You can read this free book online now.

Title: A Short History Of Wales
Author: Owen Morgan Edwards
Description: The geologist will tell you how Wales was made; the geographer will tell you what it is like now; the historian will tell you what its people have done and what they are. All three will tell you that it is a very interesting country.

Title: History Of The Scottish Nation
Author: James Aitken Wylie
Description: Dr. Wylie's book was published in 1886. It disappeared from off the face of the earth at the turn of the century. Even the copy in the Library of Congress was stolen.

Title: In Darkest England
Author: William Booth
Description: In 1890, William Booth's controversial book, In Darkest England and The Way Out was published. In it he presented his plans for a programme which helped the poor and needy. This is now a free online book.

Title: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Author: James Ingram
Description: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is a collection of annals chronicling the history of the Anglo-Saxons. The original manuscript of the Chronicle was created late in the 9th century, probably in Wessex, during the reign of Alfred the Great.

Title: The Irish In America
Author: John Francis Maguire
Description: John Francis Maguire, founder of The Cork Examiner, undertook a six month tour of Canada and the United States in 1867 to discover the condition and extent of the Irish in the New World. The Irish in America is the product of his findings, providing a fascinating insight into the lives of Irish immigrants in the North American continent during the Nineteenth-century.

Title: Tour Through The Eastern Counties Of England
Author: Daniel Defoe
Description: This online book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may read it for free.

Title: Wild Wales: Its People, Language And Scenery
Author: George Henry Borrow
Description: A travel book first published in 1862 and now available free online. Wild Wales: Its People, Language And Scenery recounts the author's personal experiences and insights while touring Wales alone on foot after a family holiday in Llangollen in 1854, and has come to be regarded as a source of useful information about the social and geographical history of the country at that time.

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