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Title: AIDS And Behavior: An Integrated Approach
Author: Judith Auerbach
Description: Preventive interventions are our best defence against the HIV epidemic but they require a clear understanding of the behavioural and mental health aspects of HIV infection and AIDS.

Title: Emerging Infections: Microbial Threats To Health In The United States
Author: Joshua Lederberg
Description: A historical perspective on infectious disease and discusses how "new" disease such as HIV and AIDS arise and how "old" diseases such as HIV and AIDS arise and how "old" disease such as tuberculosis resurge.

Title: HIV And The Blood Supply
Author: Lauren B Leveton
Description: Chronicles the history of how government and the private sector dealt with the issue of protecting the US blood supply from HIV infection in the 1980's.

Title: Improving The Medicare Market: Adding Choice And Protections
Author: Stanley B Jones
Description: For those who are interested in a broad overview of the potential and the concerns of expanded choice under Medicare managed care.

Title: Radiation In Medicine: A Need For Regulatory Reform
Author: Kate-Louise D Gottfried
Description: Does radiation medicine need more regulation or simply better-coordinated regulation? This book addresses this and other questions of critical importance to public health and safety.

Title: Resource Sharing In Biomedical Research
Author: Kenneth I Berns
Description: The United States is entering an era when, more than ever, the sharing of resources and information might be critical to scientific progress.

Title: Telemedicine: A Guide To Assessing Telecommunications For Health Care
Author: Marilyn J. Field
Description: Telemedicine - the use of information and telecommunications technologies to provide and support health care when distance separates the participants - is receiving increasing attention not only in remote areas where health care access is troublesome but also in urban and suburban locations.

Title: The Hidden Epidemic: Confronting Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Author: Thomas R Eng
Description: Examines the scope of STDs in the United States and provides an assessment of the nation's response to this public health crisis.

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